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transcontinental railroad
a railroad that spanned the continent
Leland Stanford
him and his partners won the right to build a line eastward from sacromeneto
Chinese and Irish Workers
i couldnt find anything
Battle of Little Big Horn
custer and all his men died at the battle of little big horn. but victory of sitting bull and crazy horse was fleeting
the first farmers on the eastern plains staked out sites near water and trees. later arrivles continued on treeless prarie
Cattle Kingdom
the region dominated by the cattle industry and its ranches, trails, cowtowns came to be called the cattle kingdom
Longhorn Steer
castrated male bovine of the cattle breed Texas Longhorn. They have horns, and hair colouration varies wildly between each animal
tended cattle on ranches in mexico, californa, and southwest
Cattle trails
long piece of dirt path that is only a foot in width and an infinity in length that cattle have made to follow, leading to and from their source of water and mineral and pasture.
Homestead Act
offered a 160 acer plot to anyone who resided there for at least five years