Writing an Effective Psychological Report Essay

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Writing an Effective Psychological Report

"An effective psychological report written for forensic evaluations shares the same requirements for good report writing expected of all other psychological reports and further contains additional requirements unique to its forensic purpose." (From the essay #3 handout). The first topic I will be going over is showing the different way each evaluation can be unique. The second topic I will cover is good report writing in psychological reports.
There are many different requirements unique to writing an evaluation. There is the psychiatric setting, in this setting there is more of a relationship with the client. By nature the psychologist would try to have open and trusting relationship. Since
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Another thing you would want to find out what is the problem. After that is done you would want to administer an evaluation. What kind of test did you give? The reason this is done so you have hard data you can back up your diagnose. Now you look into behavioral observations. Behavioral observations are how the client presents him/her self. How are they dressed? After you answer that question you go into the clients affect. Background Information I feel is the most important part of the format. This will tell you how the client has developed the

problem they currently have now. Now you go into the testing stage of the evaluation. You administer whatever test you feel will give you enough information to back up your diagnosis; you could also use to the test to come up with a diagnosis. Now you are almost done with the evaluation, you have to go over the tests and the interview, to come up with your impressions and interpretations. This includes the facts from the testing you gave earlier. Also analyze the whole interview and you then you come up with a summery explanation of the whole evaluation. At the end of the evaluation you give recommendations you might have. Recommendations usually state what the client could do to improve her state of life. That is the format you must have when writing an evaluation. Now that you know how to write an evaluation

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