Why Post-Its? Essay

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Carmen Ramirez
Dr. Lee
English 1302- 7:30 am
August 5, 2014
The Smallest Things Can Make A Difference I have chosen to study “Post-Its (Notes on Marriage)” by Winnie Holzman and Paul Dooley. This is a short drama in which a man and a woman go through some ups and downs in their relationship and it is being told by the post-it notes they left for each other. I believe this piece of literature is important because it shows the little details in a person’s life and how they add up together. It is a great example in how such few little details can add up to how much you love someone. I have chosen this because I enjoy drama, character development, and it’s ending. This is a drama that may seem “basic” but it holds so much depth in it
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A major theme in this drama could be that everyone has problems in their relationship but it can be worked out by communicating. These post-its were a way of communicating for the couple. They were able to leave each other messages they couldn’t say in person. This text taught me that life goes on no matter what is going on. The man’s wife leaves him at one point but he gets through it and they get back together. They have a daughter who grows up, finds a man, and has a kid. They end up growing old together. It’s touching to see the process of their life through “hastily scribbled words on a small square of pastel paper” (Dooley and Holzman 2). First major reason as to why I chose this piece of literature was because it was a drama. I have always enjoyed dramas because they are very interactive and lively. Also, it is very easy to read a script as to a page with 10 million words on it. I believe the literature comes to life when you are able to see the conversation unfold before you. It’s very easy to see the man and woman hastily writing down these messages, but you can also see them speaking it to each other. I have always believed that emotions are easier expressed in writing than the awkward face-to-face. This allows for the characters to fully express their thought without getting interrupted. The woman is upset that the man doesn’t have time to be with them and she writes, “I can’t take this anymore! We barely

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