What's Cohesion Essay

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Kyle Bain
March 10, 2015
What’s Cohesion?
ENG-550: Graduate Studies in English Language
Professor Makhanlall

What’s Cohesion? Paul Auster has a rather unique form of writing. Compared to other writers, Auster uses different techniques to draw his readers in. Auster’s use of cohesion, rhythm, and voice play unique roles in Auster’s City of Glass and Ghosts. Auster tends to do things in a very subtle and precise way, he never leads his reader astray and always leaves them wanting more. What interests me the most about Paul Auster’s writing is his use of cohesion (or lack there of). According to Martha Kolln and Loretta Gray in “Rhetorical Grammar:” “The first sentence in a paragraph, like the first paragraph of a chapter or
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Later there is White, and then there is Black, and before the beginning there is Brown. Brown broke him in, Brown taught him the ropes and when Brown grew old, Blue took over.” (Auster, pg. 7). This is very similar to what Norm Klassen says about Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales: “Coherence figures prominently in the opening of the General Prologue before the pilgrim descriptions that constitute its famous estates satire. The first two sentences especially, which in the authoritative Ellesmere manuscript comprise lines 1-34 are ambitious in scope. The opening sentence offers a rhetorical complexity and redescription of the natural world...” (Klassen, pg. 4). The cohesion continues later in the book:
Take Black, then. Until now he has been the entire case, the apparent cause of all his troubles. But if White is really out to get Blue and not Black, then perhaps Black has nothing to do with it, perhaps he is no more than an innocent bystander. In that case, it is Black who occupies the position Blue has assumed all along to be his, and Blue who takes the role of Black. There is something to be said for this. On the other hand, it is also possible that
Black is somehow working in league with White and that together they have conspired to do Blue in. (Auster, 57).
Even though he uses colors instead of names, Auster finds a way to make sure that the names are introduced and reintroduced in a fashion that makes them easy to follow and

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