Essay on What Is Love?

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We were made for God’s love, and God’s love alone can fill that need. Only after experiencing and knowing the unconditional love that God has for us, the love that drove God to send his Son to die for us on earth, can we begin to love others with the same quality of unconditional love. true love is not sought or found just like that. It’s created by any 2 individuals by accepting the ‘imperfections’ and by trying to adjust, co-operate, understand, trust and above all to sacrifice for one another for any given cause with great patience. When all this is put together we do get ‘Love’. and when we do anything for the person whom we love without expecting much in return, that’s true love or unconditional love…..that of Jesus Christ, who died …show more content…
A couple needs to put away sins which keep them from truly loving and start focusing on serving the other's needs.
We must reject the popular notions that a couple lives for itself. If the Lord is calling a couple together, then He is calling them together to serve Him. The couple must think before marriage on how God has gifted them and then anticipate how God will use them together as one unit.
Have a wonderful time planning for your marriage but be simple. Only focus more time on being better prepared. The wedding only establishes your oneness before God. It will not make you one of heart.
A Christ-centered marriage is one that sets communication with God and each other as a priority. We carefully govern what we think, say and do according to His purposes. Each decision needs to be based on scriptural principles.
The Lord wants the wife to be a husband's helpmate. We do not see this only meaning that the wife takes cares of all the laundry and meals. In Genesis 2 we see them share life together.
The husband needs to cultivate such a talking relationship where she understands what he is wrestling with, and so that he understands her and can listen to her insights
In other cultures such as our modern Western culture, women are trained to be independent and rebellious to authority.They are taught to assert

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