What Communication Is to Me Essay

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What is Communication to Me?
Why is it Important to my Career?
Brianna Haneberg

What is communication to me?
Why is it important to my career?

Communication is the key to success in my career. As a product development manager for an international cruise line, it is imperative to have good communication skills in order to build relationships with vendors and overcome language barriers. I need to be negotiating and working through problems with both vendors and customers consistently, and if I were to do this poorly it would have immense hardships on my company. Therefore, there is always room for improvement with my communication. To me, communication is an ever-evolving skill that needs constant work and
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Look for non-verbal cues such as facial expressions and posture to get the full gist of what the speaker is telling you” (McKay, n.x.). Another form of communication that is essential is body language. Much of our communication is done nonverbally, and it includes eye contact, posture, gestures, and facial expressions. “The tricky thing about body language is that you are usually unaware of the messages you’re conveying nonverbally. When presenters see themselves on videotape, they’re often surprised to see that their body language conveyed an entirely different message” ("The Total Communicator" 2003). Because it is easy to forget about body language when the mind is focused on something else, it’s even more important to try and recognize what is happening. Last but not least, another important form of communication is written communication. To be successful in a career, it is important to use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It is also important to adjust the style, format, and content to the level of the reader. According to Business Consulting Buzz (2009), “Writing is a skill, however, that will permeate every aspect of your business. Aside from marketing, you will write to suppliers, clients and in some instances, fellow consultants. You will create reports, design process implementation plans and draft specifications” (para. 2). Unsurprisingly, if you don’t have good writing skills it will be much harder to have a lasting and

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