Voltarie Synthesis Essay

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Voltaire was a philosopher in the Enlightenment era of Europe. During this time, many philosophers were looking at life and the idea of free will. They were also looking at their views on God and religion. Voltaire criticized the church for its intolerance on changing social climates and went with enlightened despotism. Voltaire successfully criticizes religion, the military, and society in his satire of the humorous tale of Candide.
The Age of Enlightenment is a term applied to a wide variety of ideas and advances in the fields of philosophy, science, and medicine. The main feature of Enlightenment philosophy is the belief that people can actively work to create a better world. It is customary to present Candide as the result of
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Voltaire did support working to change society as a whole to bring in contentment. In the moral issues, dishonesty, sham, prostitution, and all the grave and petty inhumanities of man against man are addressed in the satire. This satire was going on in France at the time of the French revolution. A time of great social unrest. People wanted basic freedoms, like the Declaration of the Rights of Man that expanded the arena of human rights to include women and slaves. Something that our country wanted badly after being oppressed by the British. In addition in this Era Mozart was also a slave of servitude to the monarch and archbishop. Mozart was disobedient and aware that he was the very best at what he did. Mozart was a rebel in that he did not want to be tied down with a petty menial position when he had the potential to become great and flourish. Again, this was a time of great social unrest with rebellion on the rise. In conclusion, Voltaire’s target for this satire is society as a whole and all of its working parts. The fact that this is shown from the highest and most powerful to the simplest and low of society is not a surprise. Voltaire is saying that those with power tend to be corrupted and even those with a lower standing in society still can corrupt. I believe that the United Sates has become a corrupt society because of all the freedom being taking away from us and being spied on. If Voltaire were targeting society as a whole

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