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VCT 320 Entire Course (UOP)
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VCT 320 Week 3 Individual AssignmentDesigning a Magazine Layout
VCT 320 Week 3 Team AssignmentProgress Report (TWO PAPERS)
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VCT 320 Week 4 Individual AssignmentMagazine Layout Continued
VCT 320 Week 4 Team Assignment Progress Report (TWO PAPERS)
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VCT 320 Week 5 Individual AssignmentOne More Page!
VCT 320 Week 5 Learning Team AssignmentFinal
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For this first assignment, you will not be evaluated on creativity or graphic design principals, but rather on your ability to use the software to complete each task correctly. The Week One Individual Assignment Feedback form will be used to grade this assignment. Create an Adobe® InDesign® page layout that measures 8 ½ by 11 inches, using CMYK coloring with a resolution that is no less than 300 DPI or PPI. Choose a topic for the page layout. You may select a topic from this list or choose another topic that you are interested in: • College life
• A day in your life as a student
• Your work life (if applicable)
• A page on your community Import one large image to fit the page. You may use images from a royalty-free photo site, or use your own. Points will be deducted if images are obtained illegally. Repeated offenses will be treated as plagiarism and reported accordingly. If you are unsure of the legality of using an image, please ask the instructor. The image you select should be appropriate for classroom use in an 8 ½-by-11-inch format. Images should not be pixilated. Use the text tool and create four slogans related to the photograph. Be creative but appropriate when writing the slogans, which can be funny, serious, or otherwise engaging. Locate four additional images representing your chosen subject and write a full sentence

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