Essay on Value of Digital Privacy

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The Value of Digital Privacy in an Information Technology Age
A weekend getaway in Vegas…$400, dinner at a fine restaurant…$200, digital privacy in the information technology age…PRICELESS. No value can be put on the importance of digital privacy in today’s world of the Internet. There are numerous technologies that allow individuals to research citizens’ private data. Websites such as Facebook, Intelius, and Spokeo allow for easy access to individuals’ personal information.
Technologies That Allow Research of Private Data
For today’s generation, Facebook has become as conventional as the telephone. You will not find many people functioning in today’s technological environment without a Facebook page. With so many people using the
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Additionally, it accesses electronic “public records” that contains private information. Courts and government agencies at all levels of government are increasingly making public records available on websites (Public Records on the Internet, 2006). Spokeo also allows searches by usernames or e-mail addresses. This site provides summaries of social networks, blogging sites, dating sites, photo sites, online shopping sites and lots more. No detail is off limits.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Access to Information Although the thought of private information being available to anyone online is a scary thought, it has its pro and cons. The advantages are primarily to those performing the research. For example, employers can easily investigate potential job candidates before they grant an interview. Information, such as lifestyle and associations can be gleaned from people searches and may influence an employer as to whether or not a person is a good fit for the company. This allows employers to weed out applicants before wasting time conducting unnecessary interviews. On the other hand, this would be a disadvantage to applicants who may not have the opportunity to sell themselves in an interview if they never even make it to that point. Another advantage would be the ability to find and locate family and friends. There are countless stories about family members or old friends being reunited after years of being apart. Any of these sites

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