Uses of Statistical Information Essay

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Uses of Statistical Information
Statistics are used throughout nursing daily, between evidence-based research and patient care. Quality improvement based statistics are done by using software such as IBM SPSS Statistics. Continuous quality improvement plans involve patient and staff satisfaction and safety protocols (such as the use of restraints and number of patient falls). Statistics are also used to determine how many cases of particular diseases there are in the hospital, to estimate incidence and prevalence and number of deaths in the hospital. Each unit is thorough with evaluating outcomes by performing a pre-test, audit on the charts, and a post-test along with another audit.
Statistics Used
Descriptive statistics are used in
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The patient’s age, ethnicity, if they have insurance or not, the reason for previous admittance, length of stay and current reason for admittance is all collected. This information is collected to help the hospital narrow down areas where patients are being discharged and otherwise shouldn’t be, or should be with more education. Inferential statistics takes a hypothesis and tests it based on a sample (“My Market Research Methods”, 2011). According to Bennett, Briggs, and Triola (2009), "inferential statistics deals with inferring (or estimating) population parameters from sample data (p. 7). An inferential study that is done within the unit is a monthly audit on handwashing. This study is conducted by the same individual each month which leads it to being an inferential study since it can be more biased. The same individual usually works on the same shift with the same people, therefore, month after month the observations are usually done by the same employees, on the same unit. This unit sample is supposed to represent the entire floor, but since it is not a random sample it does not give a great representation of the results.
Data Collection Data that leans more towards patient care should be collected and used to improve care in the workplace. The amount of time it takes to respond to a call bell would be one area that should be observed. At the current work place, during a night shift call bells do not get answered as quickly as they should. Data collection

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