Union Organization Process Essay

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Union organizing process Employees unionize due to various reasons that may include inadequate wages, ill-treatment by their supervisors and an unfavorable working environment. Therefore, a union is created to ensure that their affairs and demands are prioritized. The process of organizing a union involves a number of steps. Firstly, employees are expected to show interest in their willingness and readiness to unionize. The show of interest may be as a result of the previous experience they have had with their employer. At this stage, it is required that a minimum of thirty percent of all workers fill union authorization cards. An election petition is then filed, and the cards are presented to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) …show more content…
The non-union manufacturing organization, in this case, is growing fast to the extent of having plants in China and France. The United Auto Workers union would be necessary for the union organizing process since it handles the entire employee demands many multinational manufacturing companies. In the case of systematic violations of the rights of the workers in the business, each one of them has a responsibility of demanding for fairness in terms of remuneration, job allocation, and working in a safe environment. According to Greenfield P. & Graham J. (1996), every worker is responsible for organizing a union that will negotiate with the employer about their demands that are frequently violated, discussing the terms of employment and deciding on the course of action to take in an effort to ensure their rights are not violated. In addition, the workers are responsible to join any union that fights for their rights and represents fellow workers who are in similar jobs as theirs. Finally, they have the right to take part in a strike, depending on its purpose, provided it is legal and it represents a genuine cause. The primary purpose of labor unions has always been securing both financial and non-financial benefits for members by way of collective bargaining. To be of much help to the work process, the unions can go beyond collective bargaining in the interests of the worker. According to Khan (2010), trade unions play a crucial

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