Understanding Addiction Essay example

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Imagine for a moment, that you never really felt comfortable with who you are. It could be because you failed at everything you tried, or because you were never satisfied with the level of success you did achieve. It could be because you had thoughts and emotions that made you feel different from other people, particularly if you felt you weren’t as good or as lovable as others. Or perhaps you were actually told, or shown, that you were no good, worthless, or that you existed just to meet other people’s needs.
None of the things that the people around you felt good about felt good to you, either because you were denied them, or because the experience was hollow and unsatisfying in some way.
Then imagine you have an experience –- you
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But none of that made you feel happy anyway, and, at least for a short time, your addiction does.
The more people criticize you, the more you want to seek comfort in that good feeling you get from your addiction. The more others lecture you about what you should be doing with your life, the more convinced you are that they don’t know what they are talking about. Sure, you wish what they were saying was true, but underneath, you know that a normal life was never for you.
Except you long for a normal life. You wish that you could take satisfaction in the things that seem to make other people happy, such as graduation, a career, and a family. But to get those things, or to experience them the way you want to, you would have to believe in yourself, and that self belief has always eluded you.
Most addicts struggle with a double life. They try to keep their addiction secret from most people, most of the time, even when it is quite obvious to those around them. They have a hard time admitting to themselves that being an addict is a problem because no matter how fleeting, their addiction gives them that moment of everything being OK. They want a cure that will take away their addiction, but won’t put them back where they started, with all the losses they have built up while they have been addicted.
And that cure is possible, for every addict. But it does mean facing the problems that caused the addiction in the first place, the deep dissatisfaction with

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