Two Brothers Essay

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“Town up ahead, 3 kilotimers” my little brother Mathew said with confusion as he attempted to read the street sign. “Big brother, what does kilotimers mean is it something we can eat?” he asked. “First of all its kilometres” I corrected “and second it’s how far away we are from the upcoming town. Not something we eat” I answered with a grin on my face. Mathew is my younger brother, with his long dark thin hair and his bright blue eyes. He was covered in dirt, his green jacket, grey pants and his adorable orange racing t-shirt. His favourite toy was an action-man figurine which he took everywhere, he kept in his back-pack along with his other “collectable toys”. After our parents past away from a radioactive explosion I found myself relying …show more content…
Since we’re are alone I have sworn to protect him at all costs for I wouldn’t know what I would do without him, so I could never truly stay made at him. “Would a piggy-back he you to forgive me?” I grovelled with a worried smile on my face for I didn’t have the strength to carry him. “It’s ok, I forgive you big bro.” he stated as he whipped the water from his eyes. We continued to follow to road towards the town Mathew spoke of, then out of nowhere “another sign” Mathew gasped in relief we then walked closer toward it “there are too many big words, I can’t understand any of them, can you read it big bro?” Mathew asked questionably. “Anything for you Mathew” I replied with a smile. I then squinted my eyes attempting to read the sign when suddenly the magical light of the sun peeked its way between the thick black clouds as some sort of ray of hope shining directly on the sign, the sign became bright enough for me to barely make it out “St. Sabine, Louisiana, population: 1,017” I made out in a doubtful tone. Let’s hope its population zero, for our sake. The sun then disappeared just as quickly as it revealed itself. Back in the original darkness, we then made our way towards St. Sabine, we were hoping to find any sought of edible food. When we reached to entrance of the town the unforgettable stench of rotting corpses grew stronger. Mathew began to look at me with a worried look on his face as I began to breathe heavier, but

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