Total Quality Pioneers Paper

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Total Quality Pioneers
University of Phoenix
Daisy Keys
September 5, 2011
Instructor: Professor Raul Enciso

Japan’s net worth was negative in 1950, and natural resources were not significant. Also Japan’s consumer goods were cheap, and badly made. However, Japanese management was receptive to new ideas and realized quality was the way to improve their economy. Today Japan manufactures top quality products and is the envy of the world. However, their management approach of resources is unique from the American traditional approach. This paper will attempt to define quality and its elements as well as describe how quality pioneers’ use of the total quality elements made the pioneer successful. Also attempts to explain why the
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Quality sells a product no matter how the product is marketed. However, the quality of products have decreased because some organizations are using computers to produce products, run registers in stores or markets as well as eliminating hardworking people. This decrease in face-to-face customer communication, therefore, reduces quality. Human contact is valued when purchasing products. Many customers or consumers hate calling a bank, utility companies, and other customer service areas and a machine answers the telephone. Many prefer an individual to respond to his or her questions or complaints. According to Evans (1989) maximizing quality means minimizing variation. Variation is the main cause of high unit costs. An example would be low concentration of cyanide in a circuit leach, which results in low recoveries. The opposite would be true of a high concentration of cyanide, which results in an excessive consumption of cyanide. Unit production cost increase either way. The affects of variation are endless on unit production costs examples. However, whether an individual discuss the flux control in smelting, a mixture or substance control in flotation, or density control in grinding, variation from a plan or drawing parameters may increase production costs. In the production process total quality management approach focuses on decreasing variation to the degree it is successful in

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