The Principal of Family Determination in Organ Donation Essay

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PART A: The Principal of family determination in organ donation
This article is written by Mingxu wang,, Wen zang, Xueliang Wang. In this article the point which is stressed upon is that wether family should be given the right to give consent for organ donation of a person if he himself has not stated any statement regarding his will on organ donation. Many ethical views of different societies are discussed, especially the Chinese including the Confucians. Some cases are also explained at the end in which the families of the dead are taking decision about the organ donations. Other problems relating to this matter are also highlighted. There are many school of thoughts based on different religions
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He has the courage to give his organs to another person and save lives even after his death. We should encourage the relatives to decide in favour of organ donation but do not force them as it is totally their decision.

The Ethics of Patenting Human Embryonic Stem Cells
In this article ethical issues regarding embryonic stem cell patenting have been discussed. There are many benefits of embryonic stem cell patents madically and scientifically however this has caught the attention of various ethical committees. Many ethical controversies have aroused. This article has many sections and in each section various issues regarding an introduction to ambryonic stem cell field, its feasibility, many ethical concerns which were produced, its scientific benefits and the solutions to the problems.
The research regarding the experimentation of embryonic stem cells has its own benefits and consequences. The benefits are mostly related to medical and scientific fields. But it also comes with cerain adverse effects which affect mainly the human dignity. Processes such as cloning can also benefit humans as in donating organs but it also disregards the existence of humans. It devalues them and people will start taking human lives for granted.
In my opinion the embryonic stem cell patenting should be allowed but a strict control and check and balance should be maintained. The laboratories or the institutes which are allowed to experiment on this should be

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