The Nazi Officer’s Wife: How One Jewish Woman Survived the Holocaust

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The Nazi Officer’s Wife: How One Jewish Woman Survived the Holocaust

Edith Hahn Beer who was born in 1914 wrote The Nazi Officer’s Wife, a memoir about her life and difficulties of survival during the reign of Adolf Hitler. Edith goes through her life day by day explaining the constant fear she lived in. Edith’s biggest nightmare during this entire thing was her true identity being revealed and losing it at the same time. Even though there was a grave amount of risk for Edith’s life she made sure she kept record of her survival. She saved all the papers she had gotten from her lost love, Pepi and all the photographs she somehow managed to take while she was in the labor camps. After fourteen months in the Nazi labor camps she had
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After her two younger sisters decided to become Zionists, Edith and her mother became registered and was forced to wear a Jewish cross on their clothes at all times. Edith was separated from her mothers and was sent to two different labor camps where she stayed and was forced to work.
Although Edith was terrified that someone would know her true Jewish identity she made sure she guarded her every move to make sure her new identity was still hidden. Grete was known as the perfect German woman who worked for the Red Cross is Munich, Germany. When Grete falls in love with a member of the Nazi party, she never really went back to being Edith but she surprisingly became better at becoming Grete. Grete fell in love with Werner Vetter. Grete love Werner and prized the time she got to spend with him, but when things became serious and when Werner asked her to marry him she was very unsure with what she wanted to do. Edith knew sooner or later she had to tell Werner her secret before she said ‘yes’ to his proposal. Edith had fully trusted Werner and wanted him to know the full truth. Before you knew is she stood up and whispered in his ear saying she was Jewish. At this point Edith was a lone Jew that was surrounded in Nazi Germany pretending to be an Aryan. After admitting to being Jewish Werner said he would protect her. When Edith and Werner began to live together they never talked about Edith’s past and they both

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