The Midrash Essays

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The Midrash is known to be an ancient commentary on part of the Hebrew scriptures. I am not familiar with the concept of the Midrash other than it provides the people with a outsiders commentary on the scriptures rather than the idea and teachings itself within the Hebrew scriptures. Not only that, the Midrash points out and clarifies many things that you may have thought about or that the scriptures itself hint toward. In a huge way, the Midrash is almost a book of clarification for many. Its initial purpose was to help resolve problems and confusion with the biblical stories that goes beyond just what’s written on paper. It seems as though the Midrash has a significant meaning in the culture and the philosopher, R. Gamaliel, took part in …show more content…
It sounded like at times the philosopher was confused since he kept questioning things. His ideas within the Midrash appeared to be centered around the concept that there is evil presented among us. He states at one point, “Perhaps this is an allusion to the view that matter is a source of evil” (Gamaliel 8). Overall, it appears as though the philosopher viewed the original text very interestingly than others have and that there is some sort of focus on the evil present. Seeing a book such as the Midrash in action, makes me curious how people understood the Hebrew text prior to such a book created in assistance. Without the Midrash the book of genesis was seen as the story of God’s creations and the story of the flood. Interestingly enough that the Hebrew text and the Torah still left people confused. The creation of the Midrash seemed very helpful to the people trying to deeper understand the text read. With help from the educated rabbis and how they interpreted the text, many people felt more educated on the stories spoken and received a great amount of assistance from them. The midrash goes beyond just the simple text about the morals and teachings and such. Overall, the Midrash is clearly valued and plays a major impact in the Jewish Culture. Without the Midrash so much information would have never been clarified for many. As for the Midrash itself, if it wasn’t for the insight provided by rabbis or

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