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Miscommunication in The Lamp at Noon

In literature, authors often present characters who come from different backgrounds and fail to communicate. In the short story The Lamp at Noon by Sinclair Ross, a series of events trigger post Paul and Ellen’s argument which leads to a family disaster. Paul and Ellen’s different way of life before their coupling gives them different points of views. This leads to their dispute and resulting in the terrible decision to be made which results in the death of the baby.
Therefore in the short story The Lamp at Noon, Different lifestyles prior to marriage lead to miscommunication resulting in tragedy.

Ellen grew up in the city working as a young teacher in town while Paul grew up in the suburb as
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Paul’s selfishness also leaves him blind to the situation his wife is in: Ellen says: “‘Do you ever think what my life is? Two rooms to live in— once a month to town, and nothing to spend when I get there. I’m still young— I wasn't brought up this way”’ (pg. 67). Both parties are caught up with what they think is true that they fail to solve the problem together. Miscommunication in most couples lead to unhealthy relationships and tragedy.

Ultimately Paul’s pride gets in the way of his communication with this wife resulting in him looking at Ellen’s point of view too late. After finally understanding Ellen’s position, he decides she is right but as he is about to confront her he realizes: “She was gone… The door was open, the lamp blown out, the crib empty” (pg. 71). This is the start of a catastrophic tragedy. As Paul proceeds to look for his running spouse with the baby, he finally finds them “crouched down against a drift of sand as if for shelter.” Regretting his decisions, he realizes the worst has come: “The child was quite cold. It had been her arms, perhaps, too frantic to protect him, or the mother of dust upon his throat and lungs” (pg. 72). The death of the baby was purely the fault of Paul and Ellen’s miscommunication. Therefore, Paul and Ellen’s miscommunication lead to Ellen running away resulting in the death of the baby.

In conclusion, Its hard to adapt to a different

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