Essay The Field Of Gender Studies

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The field of gender studies is an area of interdisciplinary study that analyzes the social aspect of gender and how it relates to different subcategories of life. It explores what it entitles to be female or male; and the experiences a person may encounter due to their gender, sexuality, race, class, etc. Because gender studies analyzes the social aspect of gender, it coherently applies to the subcategory of gender in the workplace. In most fields and professions gender has an effect on the way an individual is treated; and depending on the discipline it may have a greater weight in certain fields than in others. Nursing is one of the many fields where the understanding of gender studies can help you relate and identify why there is gender inequality within the field of nursing. Our society’s gender system, which is a “system of meaning and differentiation among people linked to sexes, through social arrangements,” according to Kramer and Beutel is an up hold of views our culture values and plays a major role in the field of nursing. (Kramer & Beutel, 2013, p. 2) I plan to enter the field of nursing and as you may know, this is a field that is primarily female-dominated. Although this field has been female-directed for years, it was not always that way. In fact, men were the first to be introduced to the field of nursing. Many decades ago nursing was actually a male-dominated field until societal views reformed the outlook on the characteristics a nurse should…

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