Essay on The Effects of Technology on the Accounting Profession

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The Effects of Technology on the Accounting Profession
Jessica Lopez
November 15, 2015
University of Phoenix
ACC/ 210
Edgar Coronel

Every accountant understands and knows that they are the advisor of the business. That advisor has encountered various movements all through the ages. Regardless, through each one of the movements accounting advancement has always had away in making the clerk's occupation just a little less complex. As our knowledge into advancement extended so has the accountant's ability to analyze quantifiable qualities. Development types of progress have enhanced the clerk's ability to decode data capably and reasonably. He/she now can interpret and guide the business with no trouble. Accountants through all these
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With programs such as Microsoft Excel for example helping reduce the needs of multiple devices and supplies it also assist in creating a simpler way of creating data entry. Excel creates a faster and simpler way of performing an accountant’s job with one easy to use spreadsheet helping reduce the margin errors as well as increasing daily data entry. Along with many other benefits that Excel has brought to an accountants job the most favored has been the dramatically reduced time spent number crunching. Another well-known tool that I have personally experience and use in my profession is the Intranet or as I refer to it my work Bible. The Intranet helps direct me into many different directions in one easy to use webpage. I can view my email, retrieve day-to-day paperwork, locate a step-by-step tutorial; anything is at a click of button. This tool is not only helpful for accountants but also any individual in the company who is a motivated team player looking to better themselves and grow with the company.
With countless information at accountants’ fingertips they are able to expand their opportunities’. Having made themselves the advisors of the company, many businesses went seeking for advanced accountants asking for technology advice thus opening new doors for them. As accounts became well informed about new software and financial systems they came to know the pros and cons of each program. Learning what each program excelled in they started to become the

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