Tears Essay example

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I craned my neck from my comfy bed to look at the rain-splattered window. The sky was sorrow, covered with an ebony blanket, not a single glittery beads or shining emerald could be seen. Then my gaze flicked on the alarm clock beside me. 0330 was the number plastered on the plastic surface of the square alarm clock with red lights. “Papa should be here” I uttered the words with my little child voice. As I laid myself in a fetal position, holding close to my chest the picture-perfect moment captured by the piece of paper, was my beloved family. Mummy was wearing a vermillion dress that showed her slender figure smiling timidly with her eyes closed as daddy land a kiss on her forehead, standing handsomely with the black tuxedo. I stood in …show more content…
It was my Aunt Jane. She looked morose. She was not her ebullient self today. She went in and sat on the sofa letting herself sunk to the depth whilst holding back the sobs. I wonder what was wrong that she had this lackluster attitude. When tiny pearls started clinging at the end of her wet eyelashes, it dawned upon me that something demoralizing had happened. “Your papa and mama had been in a road mishap. It was horrible. Your sisters went to the scene but they got hit by another car. I’m so sorry dear.” she finished her sentence as if it was really a daunting task with her defiant sniffle. A child at my age would not understand the meaning of death what else to envisage the death of their family. Aunt Jane’s nose started turning red as she continuously cried in agony. Few hours past and other relative started coming by with pools of tears. It was an unbearable truth. I reminisced every gleeful moment I had spent with my family. Never could I imagine my biggest fear of losing my loved ones metamorphosed into reality. I could not respite in peace that night. My stomach was hurting and making tiger noises, but everybody was crying so I was afraid to say I was hungry. At dawn my eyes captured the majestic enormous ball rises from the horizon, poking the velvety sky crust to rise in pride, to defeat the malevolent darkness, as if giving me strength that everything would be better in

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