Tattoo Essay

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Jesse James, Rihana, and even Justin Bieber represent celebrities who have succumbed to the ink bandwagon. Although the current trend of tattoos reflects some pop cultural obsessions with individuality and self- expression, this fad can result in some consequences in terms of health, money, addiction, and workplace regulations.

In fact, it seems that everyone in the media as well as in everyday life is sporting tattoos. Although tattoos were previously worn by criminals, soldiers, sailors and gangs, this trend transitioned into a modern fashion statement. Tattoos have transformed from a sign of rebellion to more of a statement of one’s individuality and self- expression. Tattoos have evolved from the typically symbols of crosses,
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Often times when people lost their loved ones tattoos are used to honor them. Although the persons are gone they will be forever remembered as these tattoos will be in memory. Tattoos are not only used as memorial for lost loved ones but also as a celebration for special events or to highlight a milestone in one’s life. For example, the birth of a loved child is a very special event in one’s life. A tattoo is sometimes used to celebrate such a wonderful experience.

There are some religions that have actually encouraged this trend while others have shun this practice. Some Christians view tattoos as a way of spreading the faith among people while others are of the opinion that it enhances their spiritual well-being.

Believe it or not some people have gotten tattoos and later on regretted this decision while some got it for fun.

In fact this trend has grown so popular that manufacturing companies have decided to produce temporary tattoos on copy paper for the younger children. These temporary tattoos papers can be bought online. The younger children seem to catch on to the hype and are now sporting tattoos too.

Regardless of the causes as an expression of love, religion, rebellion, impulsiveness, or to cover scars various effects of tattoos manifest in terms of health, money, addiction, and workplace taboos.

People are typically unaware of the health implications regarding this skin puncturing procedure. In

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