Sunday Afternoon Essay

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One Sunday afternoon I invited all my closest friends to the Maison Fouranise restaurant, I specially reserved the balcony for my friends and I. it's one of my favorite areas of the restaurant, not only because of its beautiful view of the lake, but the delicious sweet aroma of freshly ground baked bread. It's a perfect place to enjoy the afternoon with my friends. On Sunday morning I prepared everything for this afternoons brunch, made some fresh baked proscriutto rolls with ravioli butter sauce and some spinach cheese puffs one of my favorites, the crunchy flavor of spinach with cheese its a perfect combination of flavor and crisp. I know my friends will love it. I want everything to be something special and enjoyable, it's been a …show more content…
The sweet melody of the piano, dancing back and forth, reminiscing of the time I use to dance. While I was lost in time, my friend got here with many delightful desserts, which I can't wait to try them all. We gathered up, cheerfully greeted one another, some of us sat down and others stayed standing. As for me I sat down facing towards the lake, it gives me a peace of mind looking at the birds chirping and dancing through the wind. It's such a beautiful and peaceful place. I was hearing the comments my friends were making towards this place. It seems I made an excellent choice of place, I'm glad they can enjoy it as much as I do. The food was amazing, especially the dessert, the crispy sweet cinnamon rolls, homemade glazed on top that melts in just one bite. I couldn't of asked more than this. Everyone was clinging their wine glasses, toasting for all of our good friendship, and Miss. Charigot playing with the poor little puppy trying to make him dance, the puppy spilled the wine into the silky white table cloths which they are now red. The wine had such a powerful smell that overpowered the air we were surrounded, we all glanced to each other and laugh. I could see that everyone was enjoying themselves, besides the flying conversations across the table back and forth, trying to understand them was pretty confusing in not going to lie, but at the end there was always a laughter. The night was coming to an end. Suddenly my friend

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