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An observation study is the recording of behaviours or events and the gathering of data that proves or disproves a hypothesis. There are five different types of observational study which can be covert meaning secretive or overt meaning open to all involved. Observational studies are not usually experimental as there are no independent or dependant variables as this method is a more natural type of study in psychology.

Participant observation is when the researcher takes part in their own observation with the participants.

A non-participant study is where the researcher keeps his or her distance while observing the participants behaviours during the study.

Unlike the others the structured observation method is a semi-experimental
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The unstructured observation is a natural and unplanned method of research, in which the researcher gathers data by watching the behaviours or events that are happening in the natural environment. The good thing about this type of research is that it’s a natural type of method so it is real life, meaning the study type is high in ecological validity and this type of study provides a good overview of a situation and can be useful when the situation is unclear.

The other natural type of observation is called a naturalistic observational study, which is a planned gathering of data while watching the natural behaviours in their natural environment, while avoiding the observer effect as those being watched are unaware which makes this study high in ecological validity.

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The disadvantages of the participant observation are that the participant might be affected by the observer being in the room altering the outcome of the research, this is called the observer effect. The researcher might be influenced by the participants or his or her own experiences, this is called observer bias.

Non participant observations are observed at distance and so the observer has to build a result based on his or her own perception of the observation which could make the results inaccurate.

A structured

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