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Competitive Forces Market Size: The market share of Sweden has lot of opportunities for investment in all the sectors. The private sectors have a major chunk which is untouched and which is followed by Retail Trade and manufacturing and construction industry. There is a lot of prospect in manufacturing sector, retail sale of no-durable goods.

Top 5 Products exported by Sweden | Refined Petroleum (6.2%), Telephones (5.2%), Packaged Medicaments (4.4%), Cars (3.6%), and Vehicle Parts (3.3%) | Top 5 Products imported by Sweden | Crude Petroleum (7.9%), Cars (4.8%), Refined Petroleum (4.0%), Vehicle Parts
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A high quality education and training platform provides it grounds for this development.
Industries: Sustainable solution, environmental solutions and food industry.
Austria has a great plus point to aid its growth. It has strength of environmental sustainability, with a renewable energy base, unpolluted environment and relatively low CO2 emissions. Austria has a strong labor market.
Industries: Construction, manufacturing and service.
Germany is the world most innovative country, which spends heavily on R&D and displays high capacity for innovation .It also started to work on the grounds of environment sustainability.
Industries: Automobile Industry, mechanical engineering, energy and power engineering.
The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is strong in the field of ICT, which is a potential end which can be used in service sector, high levels of training and favorable business conditions related to high levels of competition and available financing via local equity markets and venture capital.
Industries: Construction, Manufacturing, Mining and Services sector like financial & business services, tourism and educations.

Economic Factors

In September 2003, the Swedish people voted by a clear majority against joining the euro. There is a great deal of research on the subject showing that a common currency increases foreign trade. The companies avoid the costs of currency exchange and currency

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