Stuck in the Middle Essays

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“Stuck in the Middle” From families with two parents to one and families with one child to multiple, families are all different. And, just as every family is different, every family has its own problems. The Wingfield family, in Tennessee Williams’ “The Glass Menagerie,” is definitely different with its own unique set of problems. Amanda, the mother; Tom, the son; and Laura, the daughter, are all extremely detached from reality. They all live in a live in a world of fantasy. But, out of all three characters the daughter, who appears to be the most detached at first, is forced to be the most in touch with reality because of how she must be the mediator between her mother and brother. While all three members of the family are grown …show more content…
Amanda probes for answers of where Tom really goes and why he must always go and stay out so late, and then professes how staying out late is not good for a working man. This returning control simply pushes Tom to dream even more, turning into a vicious circle of control and escape, filled with arguments and harsh words. Unfortunately, Laura is left to play mediator during the arguments between her mother and brother. This need to be the go-between during these arguments is exactly what forces this otherwise extremely detached girl to semi-face reality. When her mother and brother are arguing Laura is the one to calm them both and talk one of them into an apology. Laura also is the one to tend to her brother when he comes home late after having a little too much to drink. Aside from dealing with the problems between her mother and brother, Laura resides in a world of fantasy filled with glass figurines and worn out music. To Laura these glass figurines are more than just a pretty collection, they are her life; Laura spends hours just gazing upon her collection, referring to each as if it has its own human like personality. Laura’s mother, Amanda, attempts to force Laura to engage in normal activities such as school but Laura is deathly shy of everyone and everything because of her disability. The Wingfield family has its share of unique problems. As every member of this family is detached from reality many of the

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