Stereotypes and Perceptions Essay

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Stereotypes and Perceptions

A social psychology issue that has been brought up throughout the years looks at stereotypes. The question that researchers are still trying to figure out is if stereotypes lead to accurate perceptions of other. Jussim, McCauley, and Lee (1995) state that stereotypes do lead to accurate perceptions of others, while Stangor (1995) states that stereotypes do no lead to accurate perceptions of others (Nier, 2013). There is agreement with Strangor that stereotypes do not lead to accurate perceptions.
Daily life is replete with situations where, for the purpose of interactional harmony, perceivers must suppress undesirable thoughts, including stereotypic beliefs about others. Of particular irritation is the
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The beliefs that stereotypes do not lead to accurate perceptions of others is based on personal experiences that occurred to myself as well as stereotyping others and having realizing how wrong those thoughts were. Not every stereotype is inaccurate but a big portion of what is being said is wrong. Being around friends and family, there is notice that stereotypes are always talked about in our conversations. There are jokes about Asians being bad drivers and Hispanics are living in the country illegally. While were aware that this not all true about every person in the race, others hearing this would find these comments very rude. It’s a bad habit that needs to stop, but because there is a comfort level with these friends and family there is no thinking that there will be consequences. Coming from someone who has been stereotyped would think I would be better about stereotyping others. These thoughts will never be said out loud when the person or group is around but will say something if there is a need to when those individuals are not in sights.
Everyone stereotypes others whether they are aware of it or not and this is an issue that needs work. Scientists believe that a stereotype is information that is used to provide a clear understanding of others. What others do not think of is just how unfair it is to the person being stereotyped. These people that convince themselves they are accurate and

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