Speaker Observation Essay

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Dear Professor Miller,

What follows is the report you requested on a possible speaker for the event that EU Business School will be hosting. After viewing various speakers’ presentations I have decided to analyze Noreena Hertz’s talk, “How to use Experts” in more depth. The purpose of this report is to demonstrate why Noreena Hertz is the right candidate to talk at the event.
In my opinion Noreena Hertz is a very good speaker. This can be shown by analyzing her Ted Talk in light of the different parameters. Noreena is clear, complete and cordial. She makes use of good language and is articulate. Her message comes across very clearly. Even though she uses complex words she explains everything very well and keeps the
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2) What is the 1st word/ are the first 10 words?
3) Go to the end of the talk; how does the speaker end his/her speech?
4) Which methods are the most engaging?
5) Which talk do you most want to continue watching?

Simran Sethi: How do we engage?
1) She asks the audience to take part in an activity, smiles and uses a contrast.
2) “I would like you all to close your eyes”
3) “I would like to end with one last image…”. She shows a picture of a mural with a poem extract and asks the audience to read together.
4) Smiles, engaging audience with activities and gets their attention. Contrasts.

Noreena Hertz: How to use Experts

1) She starts with a story/creates a scenario. She smiles, but then gets serious.

2) “It’s Monday morning”

3) She concludes with “now is the time…” and gives advice.

4) Open stance, despite natural crouch. Good use of tone of voice to begin with.

5) I want to continue watching this talk.

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

1) He starts with a question, but does not smile and talks fast.

2) “How do you explain when things don’t go as we assume?”

3) He brings the main idea of different leadership styles in conclusion.

4) Repetition, “year after year, after year…”. Tripling.

Five Phrases that can change your life: Adam Braun

1) He starts with a question, smiles, introduces himself and his company. His tone of voice is not

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