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Social Media brings Welcomed Boost to UAE Jobs Market | | |
Job opportunities in the UAE, and in particular Dubai, have seen a rapid increase as a direct result of social media presence. A report, titled the ‘Report on Impact of Social Media on Middle Eastern Entrepreneurship and Employment’, carried out by the Dubai School of Government (DSG) and SAP, found that the online job prospects for young professionals have jumped in recent months.

The consensus among business professionals is that the future of marketing and company brand awareness is through social media, and as such, online-based jobs in areas such as Twitter and
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Reports carried out by suggest that there has been a 15% increase in jobs overall in 2012 alone.

Marcus Evans launches the 2nd Annual Social Media Marketing Conference in Dubai
United Arab Emirates: Thursday, February 09 - 2012 at 13:37PRESS RELEASE

Marcus Evans launches the 2nd Annual Social Media Marketing Conference in Dubai on the 13th and 14th of May 2012. A buzz from the first annual and large turnout, this conference will be bringing together top experts in the field internationally and regionally from the Middle East to share best practises for companies in the Middle East region to maximise each penny spent on social media besides gaining the maximum impact strived for. The goal of Social Media Marketing Conference is to grasp the understanding that the social media platforms work on the faith of people. It utilises the existing fan brand and making them the brand army to viral on the effects.

According to the Marcus Evans Conference Director of the Middle East division, Mr Joachim Soon, "Question here is: How do we know if it is effective or how do we measure the effectiveness? This conference will focus on the creation of good local contents and defining the effectiveness of the social media platforms. Does hitting 50 000 hits on your YouTube video means you have succeeded? Is it

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