Social Networking Essay

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Introduction Social Networking sites, one of the most commonly used and popular to teenagers, specifically students. The Social Networking is helpful through being the fastest way of communicating to others. Thus you can connect toy your friends and relatives and keep updating with them. SNSs are inexpensive medium socializing; you can connect and reunite with your old friends and keep in touch.

You can also ease of setting up events such as creating a group of invites. It also gives us information and knowledge accordingly. With the latter-day technological wonders; are barrages of factors which can keep student attention from their studies? SNSs could also be a tool of invading ones
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Distraction is also one of the disadvantages of social Networking to college students because it will distract the attention of every student when it comes in studying. Students May also feel the unwillingness to devote time for studying because it’s more easy for them to use social networks than to study their lessons. College also have the possibility to have problem in their concentration in other more important things because they paying too much attention in social networking.

Nowadays, every college student is becoming addicted to social networking and researchers thought that it getting worse. Do you think it is helpful for every college student’s studies? Or it’s just a waste of time. Does every college student is well prepared for the level of working in college? What do you think the effects of too much using of social networking sites? Why do you think that distraction is one of the disadvantages of social networking? Let’s find out.

The social networking and internet communication is becoming extremely popular to teenagers especially to students. It is one of the most popular topics that being talked about by the students. Social networking is the process of finding friends and managing friendships, even if they do not know each other. Moreover, they are able to get updates from their friends by using these social networking sites. Some people are also discussing

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