Social and Dultural Effects of Resettlement Essay

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Chapter I
The Problem and its Background

Before, the first group of people who walked in the grounds of earth have no permanent place to live in, nor a permanent location to settle for good. Hence, they are called nomadic, who have no permanent abode and travel from one place to another to find food and other basic needs. In modern terminologies, if you live like a nomadic person does, you are called itinerant,that now refers to the indigenous groups in a country who live in rural areas. But our brothers and sisters in urban areas tend to be moved from one place to another, yet they are not indigenous. They have the tendency to vacate their place, but not due to the loss of food and basic necessities, but because of the
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The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects and implications of resettlement to the people living in Paliparan III,Dasmarinas, Cavite. These people are originally from a vacant land in Pasay city called Reclamation Area, wherein the SM Mall Of Asia is now erected. Specifically, this study will focus on the cultural and social effects of resettlement to them and how did they adapted to the new society where they now belong.

Background of the Study

Approximately 30 kilometers south of Manila, Barangay Paliparan III, Dasmariñas City, Cavite, is a resettlement area for over 45 000 informal dwellers in Pasay City in Metro Manila. In 1975, informal dwellers were relocated to Dasmariñas Resettlement Area, also locally known as Dasmariñas Bagong Bayan (DBB), the largest resettlement area in the country. But in May 1993, Paliparan III, a 51-hectare area, served as a relocation area for more than 7,000 households. The National Housing Authority and the Cavite government, in coordination with the People’s Organizations (POs), organized and facilitated the transfer from the reclamation area in Pasay City.

At first, the informal dwellers in

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