Service Request Sr-Rm-022 Part 1 Essay

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“Riordan Manufacturing Riordan Manufacturing is a worldwide plastics manufacturer employing 550 persons with projected yearly earnings of $46 million. The company is entirely owned by Riordan Manufacturing Industries, a Fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues in excess of $1 billion.” (Baihaqi, 2009) Riordan has a corporate office located in San Jose, CA this office includes both the research and development departments. Riordan also has a plant located in Albany, GA which produces their plastic beverage containers, a plant in Pontiac, MI which produces customized plastic parts, and in Hangzhou, China they have a plant the manufactures plastic fan parts.
The Service Request SR-rm-022 has been issued asking to integrate the existing Human
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Their current HIRS system a part of Riordan’s ERP system is separate from the branch offices; this was set in place in 1992. The HIRS is also part of the financial systems package.
To begin the key stakeholders will need to provide input into the scope of this project. Gathering this information from the personnel within Riordan’s manufacturing will ensure that the project will be accurate and complete and all vital and key areas are included. The first stakeholder is the Chief Operating Officer Hugh McCauley. Mr. McCauley is the person whom set the Service Request in motion; he is the person in charge of several departments including:
• Sales and Marketing
• Legal
• Operations
• Information Officers
The Director of Human Resources Yvonne McMillan will be another key stakeholder that I will need to gather information and input from; as she is in charge of all of the department personnel for all the areas in the Human Resource’s. What we will be asking is that she assign a few of the managers in Human Resources to provide us with input from the departments which include:
• Payroll
• Benefits
• Employee Relations
• Training and development
With the key stakeholders listed above I will also want to include: The President, CEO, senior vice presidents, vice presidents, customers, and the workers of the Riordan manufacturing as each of these persons play a vital

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