Essay about School of Management Thought: an Introductory Overview

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1. What are the features of the major management thought schools?
The major schools of management theory can be, according to the author Koontz, classified into six main groups:
1) The Management Process School: which deals with management as being a process of getting things done through and with people operating in organized groups. This school is also called the “traditional” or “universalist” school, and is fathered by Henri Fayol. It views management theory as a way of organizing experience for practice, research and teaching. It begins by defining the functions of managers.
2) The Empirical School: which deals with management as being a study of experience that has to be taught and transferred to the practitioner or student.
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6) The Mathematical School: which believes that, if management, or organization, or planning, or decision making is a logical process, it can then be expressed in terms of mathematical symbols and relationships. Its basic and central approach is the model, for it is through these devices that the problem is expressed in its basic relationships and in terms of selected goals or objectives. However, Koontz points out that, in his view, mathematics is a tool and not a school of thought.

2. Which criteria have been used for this classification?
The criteria that have been used for this classification are the following:
1) Management theory should deal with a manageable area of information and analysis.
2) Management theory should be useful in improving practice.
3) Management theory should not be lost in semantic, terminology and not understandable to the practitioner.
4) Management theory should provide direction and efficiency to research and teaching.
5) Management theory must recognize that it is a part of a larger universe of knowledge and theory.

3. What are the sources of entanglement in Management theory?
The major sources of the mental entanglement in the management theory jungle, according to the author Koontz, are:
1) The Semantics Jungle: where there is no agreement on the meaning of the words management, organization, leadership, communication, and human relations.
2) Differences in the Definition of Management as a

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