Essay on Sales Management

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Bus 297 – Quiz # 1 Review
In preparation for the upcoming quiz, focus your review on the following topics in the textbook. This is a closed book and note quiz. The quiz will be taking on Canvas, be sure you have installed browser lockdown. This is a timed quiz with 45 minutes to complete.
Chapter 2: * Types of sales jobs * Salespeople who focus on gaining new customers called hunters or pioneers. * Order-takers this category of salespeople try to increase sales as they build customer share * The sales effort by providing information and performing other supplemental services called Missionary sales people * Merchandiser * Personal selling approaches * Stimulus response: stimulus response
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* To improve collaboration between sales and marketing, the two parties should agree on critical customer issues such as identification of customer segments and the related needs, buying motives, purchasing processes, and relevant value dimensions within those segments.

* Stimulus response selling * stimulus response selling is the least flexible and least focused on the buyer’s unique needs and strategic priorities

* Accountability issues – Exhibit 2.3 * Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of sales operations: Appropriate use of sales technology; lower-cost contact methods. * Customer demands for ethical, trustworthy salespeople: Ensure that salespeople know the ethical and legal framework for their markets, including cultural and global market variations

* Sales career insights * * Need satisfaction selling * Salespeople using this method help customers identify their needs if customers are not already aware of their needs, and then sell customers products and services to meet the needs

Chapter 3: * Corporate strategy and the sales function * Strategic decisions at the topmost level of multibusiness, multiproduct firms determine the corporate strategy for a given firm, which is what provides direction and guidance for activities at all organizational levels.

* 1. Analyzing the corporate

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