Rural Development Policy of Ethiopia with Particular Emphasis on: Market-Led Agricultural Development Strategy

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Rural Development policy of Ethiopia with particular emphasis on: Market-led agricultural development strategy

A term paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course GaDS 503 Development Perspectives and Political theories.

By: Nardos Legesse

School of Governance and Development Studies College of Law and Governance (M.A Development Management)
Hawassa University
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Mattew offers a definition of rural development policy that is more focused on content and objectives;
“Rural development may be defined as seeking to sustain vibrant rural communities with a balanced structure of age, income and occupational groups, capable of adopting to ongoing economic, social and cultural change, enjoying a high standard of living and an attractive quality of life and with sufficient income and employment opportunities to allow individuals and families to live with dignity.”
(Alan Mattew in O’hagan, 2000, p.252)
In practice, rural development policy varies widely across and even within, different countries.
Agriculture, which is the main root of economic growth in developing countries, necessitates the presence of rural development policy of these countries. Agriculture, in Africa, provides two thirds of employment, generates one third of gross national income (GNI) and one half of export earnings. In Asia, where economic growth and diversification have been most rapid, agriculture still provides jobs for 60% of the working population and generates 27% of GNIs. Given agriculture’s relative dominance in the economy, it remains the most likely source of significant growth in most developing countries. More immediately, when agriculture performs well (poorly), the impact is felt quickly, not just in the agriculture sector but also in the wider non-farm economy through the strong links (multipliers) which exist between agriculture and

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