Risk Management Plan Essay

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Project Part 1 Task 1: Risk Management Plan EC-Council University

Introduction A risk management plan (RMP) is important to the DLIS and DLA because it will help us to identify and mitigate IT risks before they become catastrophic issues. This RMP will outline the objectives of the DLIS, the risks associated with the DLIS IT infrastructure, quantify these risks, develop a response plan to these risks by identifying roles and responsibilities of individuals, and control these risks. Controlling the risks that have been identified will happen in one of two methods: establish a reserve by allocating risk contingencies for known risks or through the continuous monitoring established as part of this plan.

Outline for RMP 1)
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Roles and Responsibilities Risk Management Project Manager This individual will ensure the project stays on scope and schedule and stays within budget. While this individual will not carry out many of the tasks associated with the project, they will ensure that each individual on the risk management team is meeting the timeline and is on task.

Risk Management Team This team will comprise the necessary individual work roles for implementing the RMP at the technical level. The RMP PM will ensure these roles are filled accordingly with the right expertise. Stakeholders The stakeholders are the individuals whom have an interest in the projects final result. These individuals are the final decision makers for any changes that may come up in the RMP. It is vital that any change to the scope of the RMP is presented and approved by the stakeholders.
Chief Information Officer (CIO) The Chief Information Officer is the key stakeholder responsible for the information technology and computer systems that support the enterprise goals. Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) The Chief Compliance Officer is the key stakeholder responsible for ensuring the

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