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Nate Dollaway
LAW 211
Ethics Assessment The company I chose for this assignment has decided to remain anonymous. At the bottom of the page there is a reference number listed to provide legitimacy. This company is a restaurant and operates as an LLC. To start off, three ethical issues that are commonly arising in the business will be discussed. The first issue refers to the cash register where all transactions flow through. The issue at hand is when the money is taken from the register and counted; it doesn’t always match what the receipt says. The owner has to examine whether the money was stolen or mistakes have taken place and his employees are honest. In most cases the cash amount is not off by more than a dollar or
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After that, it will be termination for this employee. The owner felt that he had to set an example for all employees and will host a meeting to address this issue. He will also add a disciplinary policy to the company’s handbook. Next, the three ethical perspectives of utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue ethics will be compared using one issue. The issue will be an American company who manufactures their product in the United States has decided to outsource labor overseas to increase profits, despite high unemployment in their country. With the utilitarianism theory, the company would stay in America because it would be the right thing to do. This is the idea behind the philosophy, doing the right moral act. In this case, supporting their country would be the right moral act. This isn’t what is best for the company, but with this theory the company would have no question as to what was right in this situation. The deontology perspective however, would produce a different result. This theory would choose a course of action that was most fair for all concerned. In this case, the people concerned are the owners and possible shareholders who are not in business to lose money, but to make even more of it. The fairest decision for this group would be growing the company. This theory follows moral norms and lately in America this is the norm for businesses. The last perspective, virtue ethics, would compare more to utilitarianism. This theory

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