Requirements for the Final Report Essay

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Requirements for the final report The final report should contain the following structural elements and needs to be organised in a similar fashion: * Cover * Title Page * Preface * Table of Contents * Executive Summary * Explanation of Terms/List of Symbols or Abbreviations (if applicable) * 1 Introduction * 2 Chapter’s title* (your final report may contain more chapters) * 3 Chapter’s title * 4 Chapter’s title * 5 Conclusion * Bibliography * Appendix

More information about these structural elements may be found further down in this file.

The final report needs to meet the following formatting requirements: BASIC FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS | PAPER | White, A4 | MARGINS
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Please be sure that the title covers the contents of the report.

The title page should have the same format as the cover and include the same information. In addition to the title, subtitle and author(s) name(s), the name of the company or organisation responsible for the report should be shown. The place and date of publication should also be included.

The purpose of a preface is to provide the reader with relevant information which is not directly related to the subject matter covered in the report, such as:

* Why the report was written (final assignment) * Background of the author(s) * Description of the target group * Acknowledgements for a company, research group, lecturer or staff member who has been beneficial to the research

The preface should precede the body of the report, and be located after the title page and before the table of contents.

The table of contents lists the contents of a report, providing a structural overview of the text. The sections and subsections are listed here as well as any tables, figures and Appendices.

Here are some guidelines to follow: * Numbering should begin with the title page, but the first page number should not be listed until after the table of contents * Use the “so-called decimal code” system. Apply this only to the Introduction, Body

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