Religious Tendencies Essay

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Religious Tendencies Religion, one little word that can spark the largest argument that one has ever heard. But what is religion? Religion is the act of believing in a higher deity or deities that can control the cosmos, or not believing. It is the way society is grouped based on who they suppose controls life. For example in the Christian religion people believe in the holy trinity. Over the decades society has evolved and with the advancement of science and math some aspects of religion have been disproved. Yet though all decades of time religion has survived and is still a predominate part of our society. Religion has been able to survive over generations of scientific and mathematical advancement for many different reasons; its place …show more content…
So by implementing it into the newly conquered land they are not only telling the native people what to believe in, but what is the right way to behave in their society. Religion has been a major part of our development as a civilization. We have used it to explain things we logically did not have an answer to. We also used it to cope with situations we were afraid of like death. The underworld and heaven exist because humans created them. As a species we want to know what happens to our loved ones that depart this earth. Some believe they just decompose into molecules, like Christopher in “The Curious Incident of the Dog on the Night-Time” by Mark Haddon. While others believe we go to heaven or hell. We have always used religion to cope with episodes in our life we cannot understand. Religion exists in today’s society because of people who believe and enjoy the serenity that come with it. Religion gives people a sense of calm and tranquility. It is a “pure” entity that gives humanity hope for the future. An opportunity to feel as if one has some control over what happens in our lives. It is a way to escape the rush of today’s problems. It is basic human instinct to want to feel safe and hope for the future. We, as a species, want to survive and continue on even after death. In the majority, that is what religion gives us. The opportunity to continue on and celebrate life after death with the people we love. Even though we now

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