Psychopath Essay

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Revealing a Psychopath
“If you’re in a room and at one end lies madness and at the other end lies sanity, it is human nature to veer towards the madness end” (Ronson 72). In other words what Jon Ronson is trying to say is that humans by nature are always looking for craziness. One example is a teenage boy always wondering, “What would happen if…” What would happen if I drink one of my dad’s beers instead of the Mountain Dew next to it; would he find out? Or another example when you get your first car, you want to press and investigate what each button or pedal does and you see the accelerator. The first thing that might run to your mind is what would happen if I just press this all the way down? Despite the fact that we know
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But he doesn’t exactly deliver a balanced view or at least add pieces of information to the contrary. We mainly hear about experiments and diagnoses gone wrong. And again, there’s a dearth of research into psychopathy then and now (Tartakovsky)
Tartakovsky believes that Ronson doesn’t get really deep into the subject yet still gets the readers to agree with his views and I believe this is because he never discusses research or mentions any views from other experts in the field either going against or with his idea.
Every chapter has a story to tell, and it connects to his argument making the reader steer towards his one-sided approach. Making it hard for people who really don’t have a broad education on the subject like myself agree with him. He talks about psychopaths and he goes down the list seeing if they are actually psychopaths or not, most of us agree with of what he says because we don’t have experience using that checklist.
In addition one other thing that I agree with most critics is his dark humor; even though he gives us serious and disturbing topics he somehow knows how to make them quite hilarious it’s a bit unexplainable on how he does this. This dark humor is a tactic Ronson uses to keep us attached to the book. As stated by Will Self in The Guardian “he's undoubtedly a clever and thoughtful man. By constructing his books so that they

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