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Simple things like a sight of an ice cream, the feel of your soft pillows, and the taste of marshmallows can make a person happy but people often desire more things that they can’t easily acquire. They desire love, all the money in the world or maybe winning a Nobel prize. Some people just maybe want to have a good job, and a good family. Individuals will go through all sorts of things just to get what they want. Without knowing, some people sacrifice something in order to achieve the happiness they sought for. The short film, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog suggests that an individual can inadvertently sacrifice something in order to achieve their own happiness.
Happiness to every person is different. Each person desires
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She pursued this by taking signatures for a petition to urge the Mayor the give the building to them instead of making it a parking lot, she also pursued this by being with Captain Hammer. Being with Captain Hammer, Penny got her happiness in terms of helping the homeless. In the scene where Billy and Penny were talking, It didn’t seem as if Penny actually was in love with Captain Hammer when she replied: “Yeah he’s nice”. Penny compromised and pursued both her happiness by being with Captain Hammer. She helped the homeless people, yet she didn't truly receive the love she wanted. She didn’t get to be with the one she truly loves, which was Billy.
From my personal experiences, there had been a lot of times where I’ve pursued my own happiness but ended up compromising it because of my actions. For instance, I’d rather do something unproductive like going to the internet,social media or watch movies and etc. than study for a test. I pursued my happiness, but ended up failing that test I didn’t study for. A lot of times people had to choose between pursuing their happiness and compromising it. Most of the times people chose happiness even though they know they’ll have to compromise something in the end. There were times they won’t even realize they compromised something until they finally know and regrets it deeply. I yearn to be rich, but I know I may give up communications with my family and everyone that I love in order to focus on that one thing.

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