Primark Essay

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Primark Case Study
1: Exclusive Summary
2: Brand Introduction
3: Task 1: Target Market
4: Task 2: Environmental Analysis
5: Task 3: Growth Strategies With Respect To
6: Task 5: Poster Design For Advertising Campaign
7: Task 7: Ethics
8: Appendix
9: Reference

Exclusive Summary:
This marketing report will provide an integrated marketing campaign for Primark to expand its businesses to Boston, the USA, and Milan, Italy. It will use relevant marketing theories and strategies, which may help Primark to reposition itself to be more competitive and successfully access the new markets.

Primark, which was founded in Ireland in June 1969, is a subsidiary of Associated British Foods. It has nearly 300 stores
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Milan's segmentation criteria are based on its demographic structure, economy and readiness to buy. According to the structure of the age of the resident population in Milan, the target customers in Milan should be generation Y, which has nearly 400 thousand people. (The age structure of Milan is shown in Appendix 3).
Moreover, Milan is one of the most fashionable capitals in the world. There are many world famous brands such as Armani and Prada in Milan, which are very valuable and expensive. However, because of the Eurozone crisis, even though people in Milan chase fashion, they have less disposable income to afford these expensive products (Hiscott, 2015). Primark should target these people in terms of its low price and fashionable products.

In addition, because Primark already has stores in many other European countries, it was well known by Italians and nicknamed "Primarni" before its debut (Butler, 2015). Therefore, people in Milan are ready to buy its products.

Compare to the UK:

Firstly, the brand awareness and customer readiness to buy in Boston are weaker than in Milan, and weaker in Milan than in the UK. In addition, Primark's target market in Boston puts more emphasis on college students and hopes these college students can rapidly spread its name and enhance its brand awareness in the US market (Bloomberg, 2016). However, Primark's

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