Essay on Presidential Powers

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Presidential Power and Leadership

US president has a lot of power, but constrained by many checks and balances imposed by the constitution. The president will have to be put into a bill which must be passed by Congress. One of the bills in the Congress debate timeline is Cyber security bill. In my opinion, the Congress should pass the President's Cyber security proposal.

The bill protects American citizens in various
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Thus, information on cyber threats like new computer virus can be shared with ease (Burns 2012). At the same time, the law proposes an efficient privacy doctrine to make sure information disclosed does not curtail personal and public cyber liberties. The law proposes that the government work with critical-infrastructure players to find threats and vulnerabilities of their networks. These entities are compelled to put solid measures of mitigating cyber security risks. This action helps to protect data from cyber attack on data traffic infrastructure by enhancing encryption of information (Thomas 2013).

The law also proposes to protect networks and computers under a federal government. It spells standards of recruiting cyber security professional to further proactive nature of government in counteracting cyber intrusion (Thomas 2013). Private industry and government will be allowed to exchange experts which help to infuse technology transfer. The law also incubates private sector innovations by dropping protectionist measures requiring the setting of data centers in home states. This helps investors to venture into emerging areas like cloud computing (Burns 2012). With this entire attribute, the congress should pass the President's Cyber security proposal

Rules of Warfare

The current global regime is riddled with many conflicts emanating from varying interests. States are left in a dilemma of the best intervention procedure.

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