Poetic Justice Essay

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Poetic Justice
Many of us would not let go of who we are. We do not like the fact that we are getting older, this scares a lot of us to death. Suddenly we have to be grownups and act like one. Another thing we experienced when we were younger was our first love. It would, for many people, be awkward t meet their old boy- or girlfriend again. Time really changes us and we do not always want to do the same thing as others.
The short story, Poetic Justice, written by Diana Appleyard, is about a woman who gets a flashback to when she was younger. She is sitting at the computer and sees a familiar name, Jed Cunningham, which is her old boyfriend. Jed is described as an ‘Irish poet’ and a man who is living his dreams to the fullest. He had
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She criticises her own look, “I’m wearing socks with open-toed sandals, which is a heinous crime, my jeans are too tight and I have a roll of flesh hanging over the top of my waistband. My T-shits is too tight too because it belongs to my teenage daughter and I have no make-up on and bags under my eyes” (P. 3 l. 105-108). Although she criticises herself, she sounds like a typical mom. She believes that Jed’s life is much more interesting than hers is, and that he probably still is as cool and charming as he was back then. Although it has been some years since they last saw each other, and that she felt betrayed when Jed left, she gets a crush on him again. It turns out that Jed’s life is not as good as the narrator thought. He lives a normal life, and he has no wife or any children.
This short story’s themes would be love, happiness and jealousy. Love is of course a theme, because the narrator and Jed were in love and happiness because they were happy, and because later on the narrator realises that she has a lovely family. Jealousy is also a part of this short story, because the narrator sounds like she is jealous of other people’s fame. She believes that Jed is living a better life than she is, and looks much better than she does. It turns out that they live the same kind of typical boring life.
“Poetic Justice” is a story told by a female narrator, which we do not know the name of. We know how she

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