Piaget Chart Essay

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Piaget Chart Psy 390
July 25, 2011
Jennifer Doran

Piaget Chart

Stage | Age | Description | Sensorimotor Stage | Birth to Two Years | This is the first stage of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. In this stage an infant’s understanding about the world happens trough their five senses. The sensory term in the Sensorimotor Stage indicates how important senses are to this stage. Through sight, smell, and touch, etc., the baby is able to learn and discover the world. The term motor in the Sensorimotor Stage points out that the infant learns mostly through muscle movements. In this stage the infant lacks ability to grasp object performance. This can be
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In addition, a child in this stage is still unable to use principals of conservation. This kind of knowledge points out that “quantity is unrelated to the arrangement and physical appearance of objects” (Feldman, 2010, p.304 ). A task a child can complete is to distinguish between what is or is not fair. | Concrete Operational Stage | Seven to Eleven or Twelve Years | This is the third stage of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and is marked by the development of the principle ofConservation. Still, not all of the principals are developed completely and children in this stage seem to struggle with conservation of weight and volume. Children in this stage also show more capacity for logical reasoning but is still mostly influenced by things being directly experienced. In this stage the child also seems to overcome some of the egocentrism characteristics, which was obvious in the prior stage. Now, he or she can also perform more mental operations such as hierarchical classifications and serialization (Martinez, 2010). Therefore, a task a child can perform in this stage is to group things by size. | Formal Operational Stage | Eleven or Twelve to Fourteen or Fifteen Years | This is the fourth, the last and also highest stage of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. In this stage the child develops and new way of thinking that is now more abstract and logical. This means that thinking is not dependent on events he or she observed in the

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