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In probability and statistics, the standard deviation of a probability distribution, random variable, or population or multiset of values is a measure of the spread of its values. It is usually denoted with the letter σ (lower case sigma). It is defined as the square root of the variance.
To understand standard deviation, keep in mind that variance is the average of the squared differences between data points and the mean. Variance is tabulated in units squared. Standard deviation, being the square root of that quantity, therefore measures the spread of data about the mean, measured in the same units as the data.
Said more formally,
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|1.1 Standard deviation of a random variable |
|1.2 Estimating population standard deviation from sample standard deviation |
|2 Example |
|3 Interpretation and application |
|3.1 Real-life examples |
|3.1.1 Weather |
|3.1.2 Sports |
|3.1.3 Finance |
|3.2 Geometric interpretation |
|3.3 Rules for normally distributed data |
|3.4 Chebyshev's

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