Essay about Pet Therapy

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Pet therapy
Throughout the history, animals played very important role in human existence – protection. People always believe in animal’s supernatural power: for example, in Egypt people worshiped cats and believed in Bastet – a goddess with cat’s face who protected people from evil spirits (Mark, 2012). In present days, many people still believe in animal’s supernatural power and think that to have a pet in the house will help them to keep evil spirits away and keep households safe. Of course, animals have no supernatural power but for example to have a dog in the house is truly good for protection like burglary or a cat can keep rodents away. Unfortunately, people do not think of a pet more than protectors or somebody to have around the
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Kids who grow up with a pet in the house have very little chance to have an allergy or asthma. Some parents adopted pets to teach children responsibility, kindness and consideration. By having a pet in the house also showed improvement on kids who is hyperactive or even aggressive. Petting zoo became very popular with kids who cannot have pets in their homes – kids can play with different animals, even farm ones, and they can learn a lot about them. For children, rewards from having a pet are endless that is why many doctors practice pet therapy with younger patients. For example, for autistic children to learn how to communicate with pets first is very beneficial in order to learn how to communicate with people (Kaminski, Pellino & Wish, 2002). Animals help them to learn how to control stress and relax in order to control side effects of their disability (Kaminski, Pellino & Wish, 2002). Study shows the positive influence of animals on hospitalized kids or kids who admit to a hospital very often (Kaminski, Pellino & Wish, 2002). It shows that by having a pet in a hospital with a child make them feel safe and comfortable, and have a positive effect on recovery (Kaminski, Pellino & Wish, 2002).
There are many stories where pets played an essential role in elderly people’s lives. Becoming an elder is not easy to accept for many people: it comes with many changes and losses that sometimes hard for people to

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