Persuasive Research Paper

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Bosen Bradford
Brother D’Evegnee
Foundation English 101
30 March 2010

Although video games seem innocent and that they cannot hurt anything, they in fact have many behavioral consequences. Many things that I have heard about video games have both scared me and helped me to control my video game use. A study that was done by Douglas Gentile of Iowa State University found that 8.5 percent of American youth ages eight to eighteen who play video games show multiple signs of behavioral addictions (Donna St George). These multiple signs that they used in the study ranged from irritability when play is scaled back to lying about the length of playing time. These young people are really affected by these video games and no one really does
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These addictions affect one’s life and can change their behavior and personality. The symptoms of being addicted to video games range from many signs. The website mentions a few more signs that tell if someone is addicted to video games like Fatigue or the tendency to fall asleep in school or not keeping up with homework or choosing the computer or playing video games rather than spending time with friends or family. I have seen some people growing up have some of these signs and I knew that they were video game players but I never really connected the two to think that they were addicted to the point that they were drawing away from other things to feed their addiction. Most people that are addicted to video games never think about ways that they can stop their addictions with programs. There are many programs that are out there that are structured to help people over come addictions. Some countries have opened treatment centers to help people overcome video game addictions specifically. Video game addiction is such a large phenomenon that they need to have addiction recovery centers for it. There are interesting results from studies that show that males are much more likely to become addicted to video games than females (Video Game Addiction among Adolescents: Associations with Academic Performance and Aggression). One side effect of the addictions to video games is that the people doing it sometimes turn to crime and

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