Personal History Essay

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Personal History
The pounding of my heart seems to get louder with each beat. My slow deep breaths did nothing to calm my stomach. I could hear the crowd getting louder and names being cheered. It’s all I can do to filter out those distractions. I need to focus! My eyes follow the official’s every movement. TWEET! My heart leaps and I am grappling. I can honestly tell you that wrestling is what defines me; leadership, talent, comfort, and family. Wrestling was introduced to me at the age of eight with club wrestling, arising in me a growing desire and ache for competition and the will to win. My love of wrestling developed over the following year and throughout the years, many titles were added to my repertoire. The
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The night of the dual, we exchanged gifts with our opponent. For me, that was an incredibly different way to start a match. However, it was my senior year that I will classify as an epic way to end a high school wrestling career. Throughout the high school session, I was second or third in the standings. All year, I worked so hard at trying to get around the number one guy. My work ethic and self-drive paid off big. In February, I end my high school wrestling career earning the Montana State “AA” title at 205lbs, the MHSA (Montana High School Association) all-class wrestling tournament is the most competitive tournament of the season. I remember wrestling that match as if it just occurred. My legs were burning, but stopping wasn’t an option. I could hear the echo of my name in the distance which was somewhat subdued by the panting of my opponent. My body had become numb and was virtually moving independently of me. I could see the clock ticking down. The feeling of hard work and ambition had paid off in a once in a lifetime accomplishment, being declared the 205ibs high school state wrestling champion. The highs and lows of competition have constructed for me, a better person and athlete. One of my favorite sayings is by Dan Gable “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.”
This last August, I moved to Minot, North Dakota, taking on a new life-defining adventure. Yes, I was scared, nervous,

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