Partner Infidelity and the Decision to Forgive Essay

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Partner infidelity and the decision to forgive
Many long-lasting romantic relationships are constantly threatened by sexual and emotional infidelities. A person that has been betrayed by his or her partner is faced with a difficult decision of whether to forgive or to terminate the relationship. The effect of aspects of infidelity on likelihood of forgiveness or breakup partly depends on sex differences.
Both sexes can be devastated by partner’s infidelity. Unpleasant emotions like anger, depression and jealousy are felt by the betrayed partner upon discovering the infidelity (Buss, 2000; Lawson, 1988).
A study of 160 cultures found out that infidelity is the most frequent reason for dissolution
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For a woman, her genetic maternity is not jeopardized by her husband’s sexual infidelity because she would still channel her investment toward her own genetic offspring. However, in case of her husband’s emotional attachment to another woman, she would fear the resultant long-term diversion of her husband’s effort to that other woman. Methods
The purpose of the research
The research was to address the question whether male and females will react differently for a partner’s infidelity depending on the nature of the relationship.
Formation of the group of respondents
260 undergraduate respondents (130 men and 130 women), at a United State university participated in the research. The respondents were sourced from two sources- an undergraduate campus library and an introductory psychology course. Their ages ranged from 15 to 25 years, with a mean of 18.8 years. About 70 % were Caucasian, 17% Asian American, 7 % African American and 3 % Hispanic. About 5 % did not reveal their ethnicity. Respondents were not rewarded but voluntarily availed themselves. Before participating, the participants were informed only that the work was meant to study more about romantic relationships. We did not tell them that the study was specifically seeking for possible sex differences in response to an infidelity by one’s partner.
The respondents

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